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February 19, 2015 Newsletter

Welcome to the latest edition of the SAA News. I hope you had a terrific holiday season and that your 2015 is off to a good start. I just wrapped up two days at the Fly Fishing Show in Lynnwood, Wash., and it was an eye-opener for me. While the fly fishing community is pretty informed on the Bristol Bay / Pebble Mine campaign, right now there is a very large and serious misconception that we’ve won the battle. I had to inform people that while Pebble may seemingly be on life support, the project is not dead and there remains work to do to ensure Bristol Bay can be protected under the Clean Water Act. After all, if we stop Pebble, we also likely head off the other 1,000 square miles of mining claims that currently exist in the region.

Below you’ll find some highlights on Bristol Bay, Tongass National Forest, Susitna Dam, and Transboundary issues. You can always check the Latest News page for a comprehensive collection of updates on issues of interest to anglers and hunters and the Last Frontier. You’ll also find some great offers from SAA supporters Fishpond USA and Vedavoo that will help SAA’s ongoing work.

Finally…teaser alert: The SAA online fundraising auction is probably going to begin in March. Look for great gear from some of the finest makers and probably some trips as well. Stand by!

Bristol Bay: Process Delayed by Lawsuit and Threatened by Legislation in Congress

As reported in the December edition of the SAA news, in late November a federal judge issued a temporary injunction that has put EPA’s continuation of the Clean Water Act process on hold. No news to report and the next action will be the judge’s ruling on a motion to dismiss Pebble’s suit sometime in the next 2-3 months perhaps.

Unfortunately, while the EPA is delayed, we need to play defense in the new Congress. S 234 has already been introduced in the Senate, and it would alter the section of the Clean Water Act that EPA is employing in Bristol Bay – taking the very tool away from EPA that could see Bristol Bay protected. The bill was criticized by Trout Unlimited Alaska, the Bristol Bay Regional Seafood Development Association, and the United Tribes of Bristol Bay. Please urge your Senators to not support S 234 or any other legislation that would prevent EPA from using the Clean Water Act to protect Bristol Bay. You can find you Senators’ contact information at

President Obama Protects Bristol Bay – Offshore (Pebble still a threat)

In late December, President Obama removed the North Aleutian Basin (aka offshore Bristol Bay waters) from federal waters that are open to oil and gas exploration and development. Watch the President talk about this action in this short YouTube video from the White House. Note however, that this does not impact the proposed Pebble Mine, which remains a huge threat.

Other Bristol Bay News

Trans-Boundary Mine Threats in Southeast Alaska

British Columbia's ambition of opening new mines in the province's north has raised fears in neighboring Alaska where conservation, commercial fishing, and Native groups say the unchecked development threatens their salmon and tourism industries.

Susitna Dam – Doesn’t Pencil Out and De-Funded by New Governor

Fisherman's News Online covered a new report commissioned by Trout Unlimited’s Alaska program called Dreams, Risks and Realities which concludes that the proposed Susitna Dam is an enormous waste of Alaska’s money. Shortly after the report’s release, Alaska’s new governor removed funding for the proposed monstrous project from his budget, per this Trout Unlimited blog post.

Miscellany: Other Stuff Around Alaska

Alaska Video Vault

Fishpond and Vedavoo Promotions Raise Funds for SAA

SAA is fortunate to count many businesses in the sporting product industries as allies. Right now, two companies are running promotions to help raise much-needed funds for SAA to continue working to engage anglers and hunters in the campaigns to protect public lands in Alaska.

Fishpond USA


At Fishpond, we have a passion for creating products that stretch the boundaries of traditional product design and set new standards for functionality. With our roots firmly planted in our core fishing market, we have expanded our portfolio of products to include several new items targeting the outdoor adventure travel and lifestyle segments.

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Add a No Pebble Official Patch to your Pack Build - and Support the Sportsman's Alliance for Alaska

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Other Ways to Support SAA and the Fight for Fishing and Hunting in Alaska

SAA is grateful for the generous support of individuals, businesses, and foundations. Your donations allow SAA to continue to work on efforts to protect prime fishing and hunting habitats in the Last Frontier for the benefit of current and future sportsmen and women. Make your donations online at the secure online donation page; all amounts are accepted and appreciated – SAA is a lean, mean, one-man operation but it takes funding to do this work. For donations of the following amounts, please include “SAA” and indicate what item you’d like to receive in the “comment” box on the donation page.

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Scott Hed
Director – Sportsman’s Alliance for Alaska

Southeast Alaska salmon fishing
Southeast Alaska salmon fishing

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