Hunters and anglers working together to preserve fish and game habitats and hunting and fishing opportunities on our public lands in Alaska.

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Yes, I/we would like to join the scores of American hunters and anglers who care about public lands in Alaska, the fish and game that inhabit them, and the opportunity to hunt and fish on them. I/we understand there is not any financial obligation for joining, nor is there a requirement to participate in any other activities. I/we are willing to have our name listed as a member of the Sportsman’s Alliance for Alaska on publications and other materials related to the protection of our public hunting and fishing lands in Alaska.

Please select the category that best fits you or your organization:

  1. Hunting and/or Fishing Organization
  2. Individual Sportsman
  3. Lodge/Guide Service/Outfitter
  4. Professional Resource Manager/Wildlife Biologist
  5. Hunting and Fishing Product Manufacturer/Retailer
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