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February 17, 2009 Newsletter and Auction Update

Sport Show Schedule and Call for Bristol Bay movie nights
After a hiatus in the home office (and a chance to see my wife and dogs for an extended period) I’m headed back on the road on Feb. 20. Volunteer extraordinaire Mark Hieronymus has just flown back north to Alaska after running the show the past two weekends. He co-hosted a terrific Bristol Bay party in Portland with over 80 folks in attendance to see Equilibrium and Red Gold. Mark said there was a standing ovation at the end of the night.

That’s what happens when folks see these films and learn about the tremendous battle being waged over the world’s most productive salmon fishery. We need to get them shown as far and wide as possible – all across the country! If you are interested in helping host a showing of these films in your area, give me a call or send an e-mail. I’m guessing if one person steps forward in your area we can get a few more to pitch in. We’re working on having a “how to” guide put together to host the movies either in a house party format or a larger venue.

In the meantime, here’s what’s left for the SAA road show 2009 edition:

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED! If you are interested in volunteering at any of the shows listed above, please contact We could really use a few hands for the shows in Arizona, Texas, Minnesota, and Michigan. Reports from volunteers at earlier shows this year are very positive, and many of these fine folks are looking forward to helping again in 2010.

Bristol Bay Coverage in Men’s Journal magazine
Men’s Journal magazine’s March issue features an article about the Bristol Bay issue and a rafting trip north of the Pebble Mine site. One of the participants on the trip is Carol Ann Woody, one of the most prominent fisheries scientists in Alaska (and also a face familiar to those who’ve seen Red Gold). Pick up a copy at the newsstand, or read it here.

Tell Fred Meyer Jewelers “No Gold from Bristol Bay!”
Seven leading jewelry retailers, including Tiffany & Co., Ben Bridge Jeweler and Helzberg Diamonds have pledged to protect the Bristol Bay watershed from large-scale gold mining.

We're asking Fred Meyer Jewelers – the third largest US jewelry retailer – to join this leadership group. As a signatory to the Golden Rules, Fred Meyer has declared its commitment to more responsible sourcing of gold. Signing the Bristol Bay Pledge will make that commitment real.

TAKE ACTION: Tell Fred Meyer that their customers want to know that the gold they buy won't come at the expense of the world's greatest salmon fishery and the communities it supports.

Bristol Bay Online Fundraising Auction Update
The second annual fundraising auction for Bristol Bay is off to a great start, with gross proceeds already topping $14,000. Thank you to the blogs, web sites and magazines who are helping spread the word. The greater the number of people visiting the auction, the better the odds that we can raise some serious money to help fight for Bristol Bay. Last year’s gross was over $50,000 which is helping raise awareness about Bristol Bay all across the country.

This auction is possible due to the very generous contributions of so many companies, lodges and artists. Please support them and support the campaign for Bristol Bay’s future by bidding on an item or two. There’s a great selection, and you should be able to find something you need or want. All starting bids are set below 65% of retail value (with one exception noted by an asterisk below), so you could get a good buy and help a great cause at the same time.

The inventory for the auction is basically set up on a rolling basis, with new items being added every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. All listings run for seven (7) days, so there are always items nearing the end of their run.

To see active listings, click here.

Completed listings:

Items up for bid right now:

Items to be listed in next seven (7) days:

The entire schedule of auction items with opening bid amounts is viewable online at the SAA Web site.

IMPORTANT NOTES ON AUCTION TRIP LISTINGS: In a nod to the economic reality of the present time, the Sportsman’s Alliance for Alaska is offering what may possibly be the best deals you’ll ever find on a bunch of fine fishing trips. Here’s the deal: The starting price for all trips will be just $500 over the regular price for 1 angler. That’s right. Basically, book a trip for 1 angler at regular price, and the 2nd person comes along for as little as $500 more! Find a buddy, split the cost, and start packing for your dream trip.

If the trips don’t sell on the auction, nobody wins. If the trips do sell, everybody wins. The top bidder will get a fantastic deal on a “trip of a lifetime.” The lodge will host 2 enthusiastic anglers. And the SAA gets a little more in the bank to help fight the battle to save Bristol Bay.

The SAA recognizes the fact that some of these trips, even at discounted prices, may be difficult to pay for in a single lump sum. SAA is willing to work with buyers on a payment schedule if necessary. However, all trips musts be paid for in full at least 60 days prior to the departure date. Please contact me if you have any questions on this policy.

Other Opportunities to Support the Cause

That’ll do it for this edition of the SAA E-News and Auction Update. Throughout the course of the auction, weekly updates will continue to be issued on Tuesdays.

Thanks for all you do for Alaska conservation!

Scott Hed
Director – Sportsman’s Alliance for Alaska

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